For Teachers

If you enjoy children and find great reward in building on their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language development, and if you love working with small groups of children and developing meaningful relationships with their families, and if you dream of having the flexibility of working from home, being self-employed and creating work-hours that suit your lifestyle…then maybe working as a Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network-teacher is your next career move?

About the service

Pedagogical approach 

Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network has developed a philosophy that leaves plenty of scope for individual home-based service owners to implement their own pedagogical approaches or style. Particular age-groups may be more appealing to some, and/or a niche market may be tapped into. (NB No more than two children aged under two years can attend at the same time). Unhurried time is a natural aspect of home-based care - this means that children working on projects can enjoy sustained periods of time without interruption. Children's interests can be followed and extended in a relevant manner, including trips/outings into the wider community to explore and discover more about their interests. 

On-going support 

Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network is a privately owned and operated home-based childcare network. Advice and support from Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network is free and unlimited for all teachers who are part of the Network. The Management Team have, between them, a wealth of business and early childhood education experience and knowledge. There is a strong emphasis placed on Professional Development by the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network Management Team as this is one way to ensure quality education and care is being delivered to all children on the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network. A portion of MoE funding is allocated to cover the cost of Professional Development for each Network-teacher - and teachers are encouraged to attend courses relevant to their own professional needs. A range of educational texts and resources are available to support Network-teachers - as well as resources for parents. Being part of a network with other teaching professionals fosters a sense of support and comradeship. Network-teachers with specific interests, skills or knowledge in certain areas are encouraged to share their expertise in workshop-settings.

Benefits of becoming a member

Be your own boss!

Managing your own business can be perceived as a daunting venture, however, Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network Ltd offers expert business advice and on-going support. You can be as independent as you choose to be (within the boundaries of the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network Ltd Policies) - but you will always have the free support and business advice from Management at Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network Ltd. You will also have the support of other early childhood education teachers on the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network Ltd Network and the support from the Network co-ordinator who will spend time with you each month. You can offer full-time or part-time care, and choose the days/hours care will be can even close for the school holidays if you choose to!

Earn More!

Let's face it, none of us chose a career in teaching to become rich! We invested at least 3 years of our lives to be trained in educating children because it's our PASSION! We love to work with children because we find it deeply satisfying and rewarding. Owning and operating an in-home childcare business means that we can enjoy job satisfaction as well as earning a substantial income. And there are other financial benefits too, such as; savings on travel expenses, and being able to claim small-business tax benefits - even the Network-Teachers can experience the 'best of both worlds'!

Meaningful relationships 

All home-based childcare networks must comply with the ratios set out in the Early Childhood Education Regulations (2008) - this means a maximum of 4 children under the age of six years, being cared for at any time. (How amazing to only have 4 children to supervise!!). Developing responsive and reciprocal relationships with each child (and their parents/whanau) is a reality - really KNOWING the child and fostering authentic parent-teacher partnerships leads to plenty of job satisfaction, especially as individualised and meaningful programmes can be developed collaboratively.


I love to say that I work for Best of Both Worlds, the only home-based childcare network that solely has qualified teachers as caregivers. It is refreshing to be involved in a network that truly values the experience and knowledge that each teacher brings. Being part of a community of teachers who share ideas, challenges, successes and actively tautoko each other in their teaching journeys is incredibly motivating and empowering.

My qualification and teaching experience is put to use each and every day. Im constantly making adaptations, looking for new ways to support each childs learning and development and to refine my practice. Best of Both Worlds encourages us to engage in meaningful professional development and provides plenty of support so that we never become stagnant in our growth as teachers. There is no chance of becoming bored. I cant imagine ever wanting to return to working in a centre or school.

Each day I have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in someones life. The ratio of 1:4 is ideal for truly getting to know children and their parents/whanau, thus forming strong relationships with them. This has enabled me to provide a programme that is suited to each child, supports their learning and empowers them to pursue their interests in a relaxed, warm, unhurried environment.

Unlike most primary and early childhood services we are not confined to a building or fenced outdoor space with the odd trip once a term. Tamariki have the opportunity to experience a real kiwi childhood. Almost daily we venture beyond our fenced boundary into the neighbourhood to find crabs or splash in the sea, roll down hills, read books in the church, climb rocks, hunt for insects, jump off tree stumps, play at the courts and community green, etc. We have an abundance of fun together. Childrens learning is supported through these regular excursions where they discover new sights, scents, tastes, sounds and textures. These outings enable them develop new interests and a deeper knowledge that would be much more difficult to gain if confined by walls or a fence.

I absolutely adore my job! I truly believe that Best of Both Worlds is not only the best possible choice for children it is also a fabulous option for teachers. There are countless benefits of working from home. For me the biggest benefit has been the ability to spend precious time with my sons. Priceless!
Kelly Richards

I love being an in-home teacher as this role allows me flexibility and autonomy like no other. I enjoy working with a small group of children in a natural environment, where I can get to know the children and their parents really well.  An absolute favourite aspect of being an in-home teacher is the ability to take my group of learners into the community where the children can experience the world first hand.  Being an in-home teacher has financial benefits too which make the role extremely satisfying.  It really is the best of both worlds for the teachers too!
Amanda Perry