For Parents

About the service

Home-based childcare is caring, nurturing and relationship-based, making it the perfect environment for young children to establish a meaningful relationship with their caregiver due to consistency in small group sizes and the familiar home-setting. Research has proven that training and qualifications are key components of quality in early childhood services, affirming the direct correlation between quality education and the qualifications of the practitioners providing the care and education. Unfortunately, although centre-based childcare generally have qualified staff, due to the lower adult:child ratio many are unable to achieve the same level of meaningful relationships that can be fostered in the home-based care setting. Forming effective parent-teacher partnerships, while natural and easy for those using home-based care, is very difficult to achieve when there are large numbers of children and families. Also, genuinely following a child’s interests may be more challenging in a centre-based childcare setting due to the sheer number of individual interests. Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network brings together the best aspects of home-based and centre-based childcare to offer young children the optimal learning and caring environment.

Fees & Subsidies

The Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network is licensed to the Ministry of Education and is able to offer the 20 Hours ECE Subsidy for 3-5 year olds. WINZ subsidies are also available for eligible families.
The hourly rate will vary between Network-Teachers and will be discussed with interested families prior to enrollment. Fees are to be paid 2 weeks in advance. When a child is absent the normal fee will apply. Fees are not charged if the Network-Teacher is unavailable to work.
At least 2 weeks notice must be given if a child will be absent for an extended period of time (a retainer-fee may be requested), or if childcare is no longer required. Teachers taking leave will give families at least 4 weeks notice.

Benefits of home-based childcare

Meaningful and Individualised Programmes

Due to the small group size within the home-based learning environment, children enjoy plenty of dialogue with their Network-teacher. In turn this allows the Network-teacher to gain a sound insight into each child’s experiences and interests. Resources, activities, and outings are planned according to children’s interests, enriching the educational programme/experiences for each and every child. Unhurried time is a natural aspect of home-based care - this means that children working on projects can enjoy sustained periods of time without interruption.

Parent-Teacher Partnerships

Because home-based childcare is personalised, parent-teacher partnerships are natural and easy to establish. Network-teachers acknowledge that parents’ know their child best and will encourage parental input to develop relevant programmes based on the child’s abilities and interests. Likewise, teachers are able to share their own observations of children, from a professional point of view, with the parents. Working together in this way produces the best outcomes for children, parents’ and Network-teachers’.


One of the advantages of home-based childcare is that outings into the community can be an everyday event - whether it’s a spontaneous walk to the beach or playground, a trip to the local library, or a planned excursion to the zoo. Unhurried time for children to explore their surroundings is invaluable and possible due to the small group size. Many outings are the result of following children’s interests. As the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network expands, organised excursions with other Network-teachers will occur on a regular basis.


"I really like the way Hannah has been prepared for school.  The resources are awesome, Hannah loves sitting down and reading her book and doing her other activities.  She has had more of a head start than her older brother.  Hannah had her first school visit yesterday.  The teachers commented on how well Hannah was going to slot in with what she already knows and the teachers also said kids who have been to Kelly's don't have any problems.  Hannah loves going to Kelly's, she gets a bit upset if she has to have a day off."


"We like the smaller size of your childcare, your range of activities, being close to the beach.  Cameron enjoys going and seeing his friends and going on outings.  He is very proud of his satchel homework and loves showing us what he has learnt.  Cameron has done really well with his learning and it has been very beneficial for him to have had this experience.  Kelly has a great patient personality, very approachable and has a great manner with both kids and adults."
June & Scott

"We are wrapped with this service.  Judas really enjoyed coming to Best of Both Worlds.  Kelly helped him come out of his shell and interact with the other children.  Judas loved the children, especially Kelly's son Jesse.  Judas has grown and learnt so much this past year.  Every day here was an excellent experience for Judas.  He loved it!   Kelly is a very caring person, easy going and professional.  She has great childcare skills and interacts with the children teaching and guiding them.  She is a very patient lady.  All activities were well thought through.  Excellent learning experiences.  Excellent newsletters and correspondence.  Excellent activities.  Youre a very special lady Kelly and we were lucky to have you as Judas teacher and carer and friend.;
Tasha & Allan

"Home based means your child is not just a number, individual attention, safe, caring environment.  Beautiful location with lots of sea air, the children go on lots of walks and get out and about.  My kids love and adore Kelly.  They both loved coming and playing with the other children, playing at the beach, and the many activities; cooking, sandpit, role plays, art.  Sophie hit the ground running when she started school.  She slotted into school life very well.  The children love getting out their books and showing visiting family members what they have been up to.  Kelly is absolutely brilliant with the kids.  Always approachable and easy to talk to."

"When 22 month old Timothy arrives at ‘Best of Both Worlds’, his face just lights up and he is full of smiles. This comes as no surprise as Emma, being very passionate about what she does, provides a caring, happy, stimulating and educational environment where kids just love to hang out. The home like atmosphere puts Timothy right at ease and he spends his time playing with many of the wonderful toys, painting, drawing and exploring outside. He also enjoys going on the fun outings that Emma often plans. My only dilemma is trying to get Timothy to come back home again!"

"We have fun at Emmas and she is so caring" .... direct words from the 3 year old (sorry nearly 4-I was corrected).

Now words from Mum "I find Emma's professionalism mixed with a sense of humour and understanding the perfect mix. The resources she has for the children are great too as she mixes it up between her skills and her commitment to outside adventurers (like the fire station and the zoo). She is able to cater to our differing schedules allowing us flexibility for hours and days which is just something that most other centres do not allow.!"

"Grace 3 years, counts the sleeps until she goes to BOBW! She thrives in the nurturing, caring and stimulating atmosphere provided. As parents we value the one on one attention available due to the ratio of children per caregiver. We have found BOBW is exactly what it's name suggests...the very best of a home environment with excellence in early childhood learning."