About Us

Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network is a privately owned and operated home-based childcare network. We are committed to delivering a home-based early childhood service that promotes high quality in-home childcare and education by qualified teachers.

Management Team

Kerryn Bailey - Managing Director
(Dip. Tch Primary, Bch. Ed, Grad Dip ECE)

With over 20 years experience working in the area of education, including early childhood education, primary teacher and homeschooling mum of five, Kerryn has a very sound understanding of young children, their development, and their needs. During Kerryn’s career she has been a leader and teacher in community and privately owned early childhood services, established Rocket Preschool (well known for 'loving friendship, family relationship') lectured in Early Childhood Education at tertiary level, and supported nannies within a large home-based childcare network. Inspired by the benefits of home-based childcare, and seeing the endless opportunities of small-group learning that this type of care offers, Kerryn was keen to add an additional service by offering a network where the caregivers are all fully trained teachers; bringing together the best aspects of home-based childcare and centre-based education, Best of Both Worlds!


Please contact Kerryn Bailey to find out more about the policies of Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network.


To see every child on the Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network nurtured so that each will flourish and grow into the person they are created to be.


To provide a childcare option that delivers outstanding care and education to small groups of children by informed and trained teachers who can develop appropriate and relevant curriculum (according to the child’s individual abilities, strengths and interests) by working in partnership with parents/whanau.


This home-based service is founded on the belief that children deserve the best quality early childhood education and care. We believe that the provision of services by qualified teachers within a home-based setting, can truly provide children with ‘the best of both worlds’. Children receive the expertise that a qualified teacher brings, while still experiencing the warm, nurturing and family oriented care offered within a home. Developing an authentic parent-teacher partnership is one of the central goals of this service. Parents are the experts on their own child. They are the most important attachment figure in the child’s life and the relationship between parent and child is to be honoured and supported above all others. This partnership will encourage shared information and resources, active participation in the programme and positive, reciprocal relationships that lead to meaningful curriculum and quality care. We celebrate the unique qualities of each family and value the contribution that they bring to our service. Best of Both Worlds values the expertise that a qualified teacher brings to the service. Network-Teachers will develop programmes based on their knowledge of best and wise practice, understanding the ways in which children learn and develop. They will implement quality planning and assessment practices that reflect the principles, goals and learning outcomes of Te Whaariki. As an organisation we acknowledge the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua, and within our service will promote tikanga Maori and te reo Maori as part of our commitment to uphold the dual partnership of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. The curriculum of this service will be child-led, based on the interests, strengths and capabilities of the child, supported by both the Network-Teacher and the family. A rich curriculum will be offered, full of stimulating, enriching and interesting experiences, that reflect the holistic way in which children learn and develop. The programme also acknowledges that there are routines and patterns to the day that best support the needs of the child. As a home-based service, we value the natural rhythms of the home, the grace for unhurried time and the opportunity for children to engage in projects of interest over sustained periods. Above all else, the vision of Best of Both Worlds Home-based Childcare Network is to provide and facilitate a high quality early childhood service that provides children with a safe and secure place, where they can thrive and flourish and be all that they are created to be.